The Woods

So one of these days I am hoping will slow down just long enough for me to update the news regularly. Couple of quick announcements… I have added some new performances to the shows page, some with 7MJ (the top 40 cover band I have been working with for the last 2 years), some with the Cary Heller Quintet (an old friend that just recently asked to play some dates) and of course some for AAW and .

“The Woods” is a fresh, bi-monthly concert series and art fair dedicated to the advancement of the arts in the surrounding community. It is my intention to raise arts awareness in our community and encourage the creative pursuits of youth, while providing a safe, all-ages environment for their peers who come to see them. Check out more about The Woods at

Also, I have recently finished building a home recording studio. This has been something I have wanted to do for many years and it is with great pride that I announce it is up and running. So far I have been recording a few close friends. While Studio 1946 is far from glamorous it gets the job done, and quite well I might add. I am very pleased at the results thus far (as soon as we have finished projects I will post some tunes for you to check out (assuming my good friends don’t mind of course). I haven’t quite found the time yet to work on my own tunes yet… but soon.

Happy Holidays!