Acoustic Show and Holiday Concert

Acoustic show tonight! I am really excited! I have not done an acoustic show in quite a while other than a song or two here and there. Not only am I playing an acoustic show, I am playing it at Bakers Keyboard Lounge, one of the most respected stages in the world of Jazz music. It is always such an honor to play there, but tonight is especially exciting because I will be playing my original music. I can’t wait!

Also, need to mention that this Thursday, December 18th is also a very big deal for me. The AAW Guitar Ensemble Holiday Concert will be a 7pm on The Woods stage inside Arts Academy in the Woods. While teaching was never my goal in life, it has proved to be one the most satisfying experiences in my life, especially at AAW. I am so proud of the progress of my students. Many other them have gone well beyond learning to play a few tunes or cords but have let music take over their souls. This concert will include all 5 classes playing together both holiday favorites as well as some of the other classic songs we have been working on throughout the year. This is a free concert that is open to the public. Even if you are not involved with this school or its students come check out the amazing things that are going on here! I promise you will be inspired!

Happy Holiday!


TSA Guitar Fest

Yesterday I had the opportunity to share my music with some up and coming guitarists from the Toledo area at the guitarfest at Toledo School for the Arts. The performance was a lot of fun and the clinic I gave seemed to go over really well. I opened for Brian Vander Ark at Mickey Finn’s Pub in Toledo last night and it proved to be an incredible experience. This was my second opportunity to open for him. The first time was quite a messed up experience because of the Toledo riots that took place the same night a few years ago. I really did not get a chance to talk to him because of all the chaos. Last night was cool, met him and we¬†talked briefly. He is a really nice guy, down to earth and that really reflects in his music…