School is back in session. As the director of the guitar program at Arts Academy in the Woods, September is always a busy month. Putting together new material, staff meetings ect… This year I am also taking a more active role in the production of the Friday afternoon assemblies. Every Friday there is a performance assembly where the students and staff get on stage and perform for the school. This year assemblies are better than ever! If you would like to check out video of them check out the AAW YouTube page

Also this year, we will be putting on a battle of the bands concert in November. We are inviting students for all schools to participate. If you or someone you know is interested in participating please email me for more information. More info on this event TBA.

In other news, I am building a recording studio in my basement. It is in the final stages…carpet goes in Wednesday!!! I am very excited to start recording my 3rd acoustic disk as well as a jazz fusion disk. More on that as it happens.

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